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Article: Important Notice of Site Renewal


Important Notice of Site Renewal

Thank you for using Miche Bloomin' official online store.

This store has completely renewed its website with the aim of further expanding its product lineup, and will be relaunching as a new Korean cosmetics specialty store , INSI BEAUTY .

The last time to accept orders at Miche Bloomin' official online store will be 12:00 on Tuesday, January 9, 2024 . You can continue to log in to Miche Bloomin' official online store until 12:00 on Wednesday, January 31, 2024 . For inquiries regarding unshipped orders or inquiries before placing an order, please contact us using the inquiry form on the new site after 12:00 on Wednesday, January 10th.

Contents carried over to the new site:

address book
Order history
Points held 〇 *Specifications subject to change
Payment information ×
password ×
Favorites list ×

On Wednesday, January 10, 2024 , INSI BEAUTY will send an email asking you to reset your password to your currently registered email address. By setting a new password, you will be able to transfer various information to the new site. The sender domain is (, so if you use carrier mail, etc., please set up domain-specific reception settings.

About Miche Bloomin' product lineup

INSI BEAUTY | INSI BEAUTY carries Miche Bloomin' eyelash, glue, and cosmetics in the same lineup as the official online store.
We will start accepting orders from 12:00 on Wednesday, January 10, 2024 . (Please note that the shop URL, delivery terms, and point terms and conditions will change.)

Please note that INSI BEAUTY does not carry colored contact lenses. From now on, you can purchase Miche Bloomin' colored contacts from Push!Color, a website specializing in colored contact lenses operated by our company.

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Registration information for Miche Bloomin' Official Online Store will be transferred to INSI BEAUTY.

If you have not received the account activation email, please follow the link above.
*Please enter the email address you previously used for the official online store.

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