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Article: [Limited time] 10x points & color contact lenses sold out second edition!


[Limited time] 10x points & color contact lenses sold out second edition!

From 18:00 on Friday, December 29, 2023, we will be holding a “10x Points & Colored Contact Lens Sale 2nd Edition” for a limited time!

Event period: December 29, 2023 (Friday) 18:00 to January 4, 2024 23:59

[10x points campaign]

Applies to all colored contacts, false eyelashes, and cosmetics!

Normally, you will receive 1 point for every 100 yen (excluding tax), but for a limited time, you will receive 10 times the amount of points.

Accumulated points can be used as 1 point = 1 yen when making purchases.

Please take this opportunity to collect points and enjoy shopping at a great deal!

*Please note that you must register as a member to accumulate points.
Click here if you have not yet registered as a member.

★About the point program

[Color contact lenses sold out second color sale]

Limited to discontinued colors, 440 yen per box if you purchase 10 boxes at the same time!

Colors and prescriptions can be combined freely, so take this opportunity to buy colored contact lenses in bulk!

Click here for eligible products

*If you add 10 boxes of the target color to your cart, it will be automatically reflected.
*Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or coupons, but can be used in conjunction with point-up campaigns.
*This product is limited to stock and will not be restocked.
*If you cannot add it to your cart, the sale will end.