Precautions regarding products subject to SALE
  • If you put 4 or more boxes of the target product in the cart, you will get a discount automatically.
  • There is no purchase limit, but it is limited to the stock set for each color and frequency.
  • It will be delivered separately from the regular product.
  • SALE items and regular items cannot be added to the cart at the same time for payment. Please order separately.
  • It takes longer to ship than regular products. (Please note that it will take 2 to 3 weeks)
  • Please note that you cannot cancel your order once it has been completed.

    About SALE target products

    ・ Package is dirty or crushed

    ・ Products with an expiration date of less than one year

    * There is no problem with the product specifications.

    * We will deliver items with an expiration date of 4 months or more.

    ☑ How to purchase

    Discounts will be applied automatically when 4 or more boxes of SALE items are added to the cart. You do not need to enter the coupon code.

    If the number of items subject to SALE is less than 4 boxes, or if the items are normally in the cart together, an error will be displayed and you will not be able to proceed to checkout.