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About the Point Program

If you register as a member (free of charge) and purchase an item, 1.0% of the product price (excluding tax) will be returned in points, which can be used as "1 point = 1 yen" for future purchases.

In addition, we are running campaigns to increase the point redemption rate on an irregular basis. For details, please refer to the announcements in our mail magazine, LINE, etc.

■About the rate of points awarded

Unless otherwise specified by the product, the basic crediting rate is 1.0% of the product price (excluding tax).

■About the status of points

Points will be awarded 14 days after the order has been shipped. Points will be "voided" if the order is cancelled.

You can check your current points and expiration date on My Page.

■Using Points

You can use 1 point = 1 yen when purchasing products.

  • You can use your points as you wish on the shopping cart screen.
  • Please enter the points you wish to use on the cart screen.
    • Please enter the points you wish to use on the cart screen.
    • Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons or discounts.

■ Expiration of Points

Points are valid for 6 months from the time the points were last earned. After the expiration date, points will become invalid and cannot be used.
  • Expired points cannot be refunded.
  • Points are valid for one year, but if you earn points once in a year, they will never expire.
  • However, limited time points will expire at the expiration date specified at the time of issuance.
  • Points cannot be redeemed for cash.

Established December 1, 2021