Eight popular eyelashes are renewed and released

Eight popular eyelashes from Miche Bloomin'have been renewed and evolved into three-dimensional eyelashes that look more natural and cute with bushy hair bundles.

・ 3D eyelashes br> Evolved into bushy and cute 3D eyelashes.

-Brown color core * Brown line only
First in the history of false eyelashes! An exquisite brown color with a core that blends well with your skin!
The core blends well with the skin, giving it a finish that looks like false eyelashes.

-Increased core strength
Increased core strength by about twice the conventional level (according to our research) so that it can be used repeatedly.

<8 renewed eyelashes>
NO.02 Pure Nude
NO.03 Pure Sweet
NO.05 Girly Wink
NO.06 Girl Reef Rare
NO.09 Nudie Brown
NO.12 Sweet Brown
NO.18 Girly Mix
NO.34 Glamorous Extension